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"The join line formed when two pieces of fabric are sewn together."


"A term that describes a tubular knit, or woven fabric without seams, e.g. seamless hosiery, or seamless woven tube."


"A semi-transparent and flimsy fabric with a very fine knit, often used to produce tights, leggings and stockings in addition to lingerie and blouses."


"The outline or contour that a garment creates when worn."


"Determining where textiles and/or apparel can be obtained, and how and when this will be done."

Spaghetti Strap

"A very tiny shoulder strap used on garments such as tank tops and swimwear."


The World Commission on Environment and Development defines Sustainability as a growth that considers the needs of present generations, without compromising future generations of fulfilling their own needs.

In general, sustainability and sustainable development are attitudes and cares that we should implement in our daily life as individuals and community members, in order to guarantee the preservation of the planet, its culture and diversity, without forgetting the real needs of the human being.