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Natural fiber that comes from a renewable and fast growing raw material, which guarantees it an ecological label. It is a biodegradable fiber with many interesting characteristics such as an anti-bacterial action. 


"A narrow piece of fabric worn around the bust as a strapless alternative to a bra."

Bar Tacks

"Reinforced stitching used in clothing to make sewn products stronger."


"A diagonal cut made against the grain of a fabric. Garments cut on the bias have a fluid movement and drape; following the curves of the body."


"A strip of material sewn or attached over or along the edge of an item for protection, reinforcement or ornamentation."


"Loss of color by a fabric or yarn when immersed in water, a solvent, or similar liquid medium, as a result of improper dyeing or the use of dyes of poor quality."

Bonded Seams

There are two ways for applying bonded and welded seams: 

1/ Using adhesive/thermoplastic film - The film is slit into tapes and applied in strategic locations; then heat and pressure activate the adhesive so that it melts and penetrates into the fabrics, creating a bond between the two.

2/ By welding two fabrics with radiofrequency/ultrasound - High-frequency vibratory waves cause a rapid buildup of heat in synthetic fabrics; this is a fast, accurate, and efficient process. 

Some of the benefits of this technique are the fact that it creates a seamless look and feel, with less bulk and therefore granting more comfort to the end-user; Seams can be waterproof; Bonded garments typically weigh less than normal sewn garments; Bonding also allows increased breathability since we have fewer layers of fabric. 

Boxer Briefs

"A hybrid of the boxer short and brief. Long in the leg but tight in fit."

Boxer Shorts

"Boxers are loose-fitting underwear with no support, but more breathability than any other undergarment. Many boxer shorts have an open fly."


"The classic briefs typically fits close to the body and provide moderate to full rear coverage."