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"A repeated decorative design that can be printed, stitched or woven into a fabric."

Polyamide Fiber

"PA - Fully imidized, manufactured fiber formed from the condensation polymer of an aromatic anhydride and an aromatic diisocyanate. A polyamide fiber is a high shrinkage fiber."

Polyester Fiber

"PES or PL - A manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester of a substituted aromatic carboxylic acid, including but not restricted to substituted terephthalic units and parasubstituted hydroxy-benzoate units. They are high is strength and are resistant to shrinking and stretching."

Primary Colors

"Magenta, yellow, and cyan (red, yellow, blue). These are the subtractive primaries used when mixing dyes and paints to make other colors."


"An inked design applied with pressure to fabrics such as cotton, silk or polyester."