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FLM Textil acknowledges that the total satisfaction of the client, and all interested parts on the projects, is the principal key to the success of the business and company progress.

Therefore, the company policy stands upon the delivery of products and services according to the clients’ specifications and demands, aspiring to exceed them. Guaranteeing trust, flexibility and competitive patterns of quality, prices and delivery times, and assuring all the support and monitoring throughout the entire process, including the after sale.

We are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System, seeking improvement by constant review, with partners and suppliers being encouraged to co-operate. FLM Textil is committed to achieve satisfaction by the use of quality procedures that meet the requirements of the management system ISO 9001:2015.


  • To carry out the activity of the company by focusing on a philosophy of improvement, namely when the activities are understood and managed as interrelated processes;
  • Address all concerns of relevant stakeholders in an effective and efficient manner keeping in mind the customer and supplier satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Ensure maximum customer satisfaction by offering innovative, personalized and high quality products and services;
  • Exceed customer expectations as a key to solid and competitive performance in the market;
  • Putting excellence as a central point of all actions and thoughts in order to obtain a culture of effective commitment from all employees in the optimization of results;
  • Encourage a culture that values the performance of employees, ensuring that the quality policy is communicated and understood within the organization;
  • Behavior oriented towards partnerships with suppliers and other organizations. This provides sustainable business relationships, which stand out for their mutual benefit;
  • Ensure the necessary resources and means;
  • Ensure legislation enforcement.


  • Continuously detect the needs of the market and continuously evaluate the results with the clients;
  • Make sure that all employees understand and take part in the implementation of the quality policy as well as propose ways to improve the system;
  • Provide resources, if financially viable, that are essential to improving the Quality Management System (QMS);
  • Influence the behaviors and attitudes of the members of the organization in pursuit of the objectives;
  • Monitor not only the performance of suppliers in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, but the entire QMS;
  • Continuously improve all processes by involving all stakeholders keeping in mind continuous improvement and increased effectiveness;
  • Seek to identify and understand the expectations and concerns of the clients and implement improvements in order to always obtain maximum satisfaction;
  • Promote the development of the knowledge and skills of its employees;
  • Stimulate personal creativity, versatility, responsibility and individual adaptability of employees;
  • Ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.