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From technical sportswear to wellness wear, we are prepared to produce a great diversity of stylish athleisure apparel. All our fabrics are developed with performance focused technology, offering the widest range of movement.

Initially we do the research and then recommend optimized textiles and finishes for specific applications, including seamless sportswear, testing along the way to achieve the desired features and final look.

Complete your collection

If you are looking for add-ons to your activewear line, loungewear is the way to do it. We also develop and manufacture comfortable outerwear as a supplement for sports clothing and lifestyle brands across the globe.

Beyond sewing techniques, we are able to use heat transfers and seamless bonding technology to create soft and durable leisurewear that will enhance your client's looks, namely tracksuits and loungewear sets for women and men.

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Our technology

We stay up to date with the latest developments in technology and innovation techniques,
constantly researching the activewear market.


Fabrics made with dri-release are fabrics that combine hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers, that way allowing wetness to be pulled from the skin and released into the air.


Allows for a good management of moisture, providing the wearer with a dry and clean feeling during his workout.


Designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, to reduce the number of bacteria or to kill bacteria, it helps eliminate unwanted odours while also preventing the materials from any stains, discoloration or quality detonation provoked by sweat.

Hy-dry protection

Materials finished with Hy-dry quickly wick the moisture away from the skin, allowing for a comfortable workout. Besides its quick drying capacities, it also inhibits the growth of odor forming bacteria.

Moisture management

Staying soft and breathable, the fabrics made with the moisture management finish dry very quickly, wicking the moisture away from the skin. It keeps the skin warm and dry and clean, bringing protection, confort and care.

Oil and water repelling

Fabrics finished with oil and water repellent have fewer stains by repelling oil and water, releasing any stains and soils that do set, staying dry and clean. At the same time, it preserves the breathability of the garment, and helps keeping its shape.

Anti-wrinkling and easy to iron

Minimizes the fabric’s creasing and wrinkling, making it easier to iron and helping the garment to keep its shape.

Wash and wear

Easy to care, materials made with the Wash and Wear finishing do not require ironing as it has a wrinkle free surface, saving time and energy.

Dry and clean

Directed to outdoor wear, the Dry and Clean finishing keeps textiles dry and clean, repelling water and oil with a slide off effect.


Sublimation is a printing method for transferring images onto a substrate, woven or knits, in polyester. It allows for bright colours and great colour fastness, while preserving one of our most important natural resources, water.

Digital printing

Direct printing on the textile’s surface, with great detail, definition and rich colours. As it does not require as much water as other traditional techniques it is much more sustainable and pollute less.

Traditional Printing

The traditional printing techniques involve printing screens or cylinders, which have engraved designs or patterns. It allows for a localized print as well as an all-over pattern.

Soil and Stain Release

This finishing acts as a barrier to soil, easily releasing it from the garment by washing. It makes for an easy cleaning, reducing the absorption of soil and stain marks. It dramatically improves stain release during laundry, allowing the fabric to remain breathable and does not loose its performance through several wash cycles.

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From technical sportswear to wellness wear, we are prepared to develop and produce a great diversity of products.

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