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Cabled Yarn

"A yarn formed by twisting together two or more plied yarns."


"The application of a semi-liquid material such as rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or polyurethane to one or both sides of the textile material. Once the coating has dried (cured) it forms a bond with the fabric."


"The ability of a print or color to withstand repeated laundering and cleaning."

Combed cotton

"Cotton yarn that has been combed to remove short fibers and to straighten or arrange longer fibers in parallel order."


CO - A vegetable natural fiber that comes from the cotton seeds, known to absorb humidity. It is a soft, confortable and resistant to usage fiber. Burns easily and has a very low resistance to chemicals. Fineness and maturity are the criteria that determine the quality of the fiber. 


"Double-needle stitch that is used to secure seams and give a finished look."