We are back at the office and open to in-house visits.


How do we proceed to select the materials for the garments?

You are the key to the process of selecting materials, as we will follow your directions fabric-wise in other to source options and present them to you. We will, of course, offer our expertise and advise shall the idealized materials not be the best choice, helping you in this journey.  In the end, the decision is yours, what we do is to offer you options and guidance through our technical expertise and experience on the field. 

We are looking to make printed styles, are you able to do this?

Yes, we are able to make both all over printing and localized prints in several techniques. You can explain us the effect you’re after and we’ll certainly be able to propose the more suiting techniques to achieve the desired final look. 

We are planning a production with sustainable materials. Do you have such materials in your portfolio?

Gladly, we have the pleasure to work more and more with sustainable materials, from synthetics such as recycled polyamide or polyester to recycled natural and artificial fibres such as wool, cotton and viscose. We also work with fabrics made of modal, bamboo, organic cotton and hemp for example.