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Do you have a catalogue/price list available to order from?

There are no catalogues or price lists available, as we develop each garment for each specific project rather than having standard garments to pick and choose from. We cherish the uniqueness of each project, sourcing the materials, developing the patterns and samples according to the requirements of each development, creating something unique to each brand.  

Is it possible to make samples of the desired products?

Of course! It is a matter of need rather than a possibility. The process of development is very important as it allows for us to test the construction of the garment and optimize it. If there are any issues, this is where they come up, rather than appearing in the middle of the production, having no solution then.  During the development of the styles, it is obligatory to make samples to test the pattern and check if everything is according to specifications, if it has the correct fit and if it corresponds to what was designed and intended. Only after the sample is approved can we move forward to the production of the style, with the guarantee that the garment works and eliminating problems that could delay the production. 

How do you usually work the development? What do you need from your clients?

We will need a mood board to work from. For us to be able to start the development stage, your mood board should include a few inspirations, fabric ideas and requirements, as well as colors, and key directions.

If you have the design already completed, we will require access to technical drawings and tech packs available. From there on, we will help you select final materials, providing you with options within the direction we are informed of. Together, we will assist you on taking final decisions on accessories and trims (e.g. elastics, labels, and such).

After we settle on fabrics and trims, we will move on to the pattern-making service and start developing the first samples. We will work together to achieve the perfect garment, through your feedback on the prototypes, so that we can make the necessary adjustments and achieve the final look. Once we reach that, and the sample is approved, it’s time to finish the development and pass it on to production.

What are your minimums of production?

Our minimums of production vary according to the type of project you want to develop. We have standard numbers but we always analyze each project individually and are able, sometimes, to be flexible.

If you have a sportswear brand, we will ask for 300 pieces per style/color.

If you have a swimwear brand, we will ask for 150 pieces per style/color.

If you have an underwear brand, we will ask for 300 pieces per style/color.

Can I get a quotation by email?

Absolutely! Throughout our website you will always find a button to get in touch with us! All you need to do is fill the form with some information so we are able to give you a quotation. If you prefer you can also send a direct email to

We will need to know the following: what type of product you want to produce; if you already have images or drawings of the design; if you have any idea of the type of material you would be interested in using; what would be the total volume of your project.