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How to find a Manufacturer for a Swimwear Brand

Uncover the best tips and questions to ask when searching to find the right manufacturer to develop and produce your next swimwear line.

How to find a Manufacturer for a Swimwear Brand


Finding a manufacturer is a journey, and not only from a new label’s standpoint. Mainly because of production and quality issues, even well-established brands can be vulnerable to the manufacturing process. Yet, the right combination of research, networking, and validity can make it easier to establish a strategic manufacturing partner for your swimwear line.

Before you go over the next steps, be sure to make the best use of the ultimate swimwear manufacturing process checklist we have prepared for you if you haven’t yet.


Selecting Qualified Swimwear Producers

Designer working at a factory.

Keep an eye on swimwear manufacturers that specialize in what you are making. Your preference should fall into an experienced specialist in the field, as they have done these types of styles thousands of times before.

Experts will have the know-how and machinery your collection requires, not to mention they follow the newest trends long before they go mainstream. So, make an effort to create a good relationship with them, and ask them for tips.

FLM Textil is a verified source with over 10 years of manufacturing experience, and more than two decades in the textiles sector between our team. Either Swim or Resort Wear, swimwear is a specialty for us, in which we are capable of delivering a 360º service all the way from Portugal. By working with a fairly wide selection of swimwear fabrics, we are comfortable with the more complex techniques as well as eco-friendly practices.

Outsourcing your swimsuit line production can massively reduce your time-to-market and improve your margins. On top of that, it can help you focus on the core growth of your business. There’s a lot on your plate, so be sure to do your research.


3 Ways to start your search

Business person holding a mobile phone with a credential

When searching to find specialized swimwear manufacturers, nowadays you can easily gain contacts of a handful of potential suppliers and manufacturers out there. Here are three places to find them:


1 - Online directories, websites, and social media

Browsing through the internet is the easiest, most convenient method to spot thousands of sourcing companies both locally or abroad. A huge tip is to select the most targeted keywords in your search engines so that you maximize your chances of finding the most accurate manufacturers.

Today most swimwear manufacturers out there are online! They have their official websites and you can easily find them by doing a simple Google search. Most of them are also on textiles directories or even on social media. You can directly message them for inquiries of their services or contact them via phone, email or contact form.


2 - Go on Events and Trade Shows

The conventional way to find a custom swimwear manufacturer by attending events and trade fairs is still one of the best ways to get a hold of most large or medium-sized suppliers.

These events are held  in major cities around the globe wherein suppliers showcase their technologies and services. There you have the perfect opportunity to survey, network from booth to booth, gather contacts, or inquire potential candidates.


3 - Referrals and Word of Mouth

Sometimes the best way to find a swimwear producer is by simply asking around your business circle or colleagues in the industry. It’s true that some brands keep their contacts confidential for their own benefit. Still, as long as you keep things professional, it doesn’t hurt to ask! They can give you their feedback, contact details, or even form some kind of partnership later on.

Suppliers can get many requests for quotes and samples, many of which come to nothing. So, when you reach out, make sure you let them know you’re serious. Have all your requirements worked out before you approach them.

Then again, if you are seeking how to find a swimsuit manufacturer, here are seven key questions you may want to consider before you find the perfect match for you.


Top 7 Questions to Ask

Close-up of mannequins in swimsuits at a window store

On the lookout for the best swimwear manufacturers? Outsourcing really is a great way to save you time and energy. From conception to finally bringing your collection to life, subcontracting can help you get a better understanding of quantities, timeframes, and far more.

Having said that, it may take a few months to find the right fit, so be patient and try to stick to these questions:

  1. Are you looking for a manufacturer specialized in swimwear?
  2. Do you lean towards a domestic supplier or an overseas supplier?
  3. Have you defined MOQs? (Meaning minimum orders, per collection, style, or color)
  4. What are the lead times? (Of sample development, bulk production, or overall deadlines)
  5. Do you have ecological and ethical preferences? (E.g., fabric types, working conditions)
  6. What are some example prices? (Per piece, development fees, among others)
  7. Payment terms? (Deposit percentage and payment methods available)

All in all, when you are on the hunt to find the perfect supplier, you know you shouldn't trust just anyone with your swimwear line. Though it can be a long process, it's also quite rewarding when you end up finding an enduring partnership. While you are at it, take the opportunity to stop by our Frequently Asked Questions.

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