7 Summer Reads Perfect for your Holidays

Uncertain regarding which book to pick up on your holiday? We were too, so we gathered our team's suggestions to share them with you.

7 Summer Reads Perfect for your Holidays

Summer is here, but before going out on our holidays we wanted to share with you something different! As you may have noticed by the title we won’t be talking about textiles or trends or economics… This time we will just give you some hints on how to properly spend your time during vacation!
So, basically, we went around asking our team members what their book suggestions for our readers would be, and the result are in! From romances to literature classics with a bit of history in the middle, check out bellow what the team has been reading!


Letícia suggests “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson

Emily’s best friend, Sloane, was the seasoning to her life with her unpredictable character, dragging her to new experience against her will and cracking her out of her shell. Just as summer is starting Sloane suddenly disappears with no explanation, leaving behind a mysterious to-do list for Emily with things she never imagined doing, let alone by herself. A story of friendship, love, and overcoming your fears. Uplifting and such a quick and easy read!


Ana suggests “Equator” by Miguel Sousa Tavares

An historical romance for those who love history and/or are interested in learning a bit more regarding the roots of the Portuguese culture. Like many other books, it has been interpreted on TV as a soap opera, but Ana states that the written version is a lot better. 
It portrays the kingdom of D. Carlos in the early 20th century, a rein that starts falling apart due to the problems with the African colonies, especially S. Tomé e Principe where slavery is conducted by the Portuguese and the locals start questioning their right to freedom.
This is a great depiction of the Portuguese society back then, portraying the way they dealt with their power, leaving marks throughout the entire world. 


Filipa suggests “To kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

This book caught my attention because it was considered a classic of American literature and I do not regret reading it. It was written in 1960 based on the author’s memories of the 1930’s, racial discrimination in southern America being at its core. 
It is a very pleasant and educational read that gives its readers an insight into human behaviour, addressing strong and deep topics. In my opinion it is a must read!


Pile of books.


Elisa suggests “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind

It tells the story of a man born and raised in unusual circumstances, who, due to his over-refined sense of smell, has a totally different view of the world around him. Throughout the narrative the main character creates an unhealthy obsession with scents and smells that will lead him to commit heinous crimes against young women.
It is in fact a strong and striking story, full of mystery that is able to lead the reader to profound reflections on humanity and to experience extremely contradictory sensations.
Ana also suggested this tale, stating that the author’s portrayal of reality is so authentic and vivid that you feel immersed in its reality whilst reading. You are able to sense what the main character is going through, from smells to visions, it’s like you’re there with him.


Alexandra suggests “Filipa de Lencastre” by Isabel Stilwell

This book portrays the life of a woman that changed the course of Portuguese history. It was incredible to read about the life of a person who came into a small country and helped it grow, raising her children as open-minded and adventurous people that later on were the begging of the Portuguese maritime discoveries. It’s inspiring to see how one women changed the course of history. 


Filipe suggests “Inés del Alma Mia” by Isabel Allende

An historical romance that opens up a different perspective about the Spanish conquer over the Latin America. It is very focused on the life of Inês, a strong, powerful and overwhelming woman that takes an active part in the odyssey of the conquest. 
It portrays in a very clear way the strategy of the Spanish to win their fights, and how the Machupe indigenous people resisted, to try and protect their lands, where Chile is now located.


Cláudia suggests “The Time in Between” by Maria Dueñas

A political romance that transports us to the streets of a pro-Germany Madrid and teaches us a bit more about the historical events when Franco was in charge. 
When reading this, we feel like we are walking on Sira’s shoes as she is deceived by a con artist, loses a baby, is arrested in a foreign country, kept away from her family and friends… But still, she finds the strength within herself to rebuild her entire life by reliving a hold hobby, sewing. 
From a Spain at war, to an Africa where the British Services prepare to regain Europe, with a little stop along the way in our beautiful Portugal, I can guarantee you this will be one of those books filled with action that will leave you thinking page after page. 

With all of these great suggestions, the only thing left is to go straight to the bookstore!

by FLM Team




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